The Free Spirit (Fiction)

Movie Name: The Free Spirit (Fiction)

  Story & Direction: Rahman Leenin

Genres: Human Rights, Childhood, Freedom, Culture, Religion

Duration: 09 minutes 29 seconds

I wanted to show the religious dissection through ‘Aynal’s’ innocent eyes and experience. The film ‘The Free Spirit’ especially illustrates how semi educated religious teachers influence children’s mind like ‘Aynal’. Also I wanted to tell stories of those orphans or their helpless, pious families. A children mind is like a ‘Grasshopper’. With this mind, he wants to know and discover his world. But, in most cases, their open minds are suppressed by religious misinterpretation. And these religious misinterpretation and tough routine disturbs their mind to grow. I hope children are raised with free spirit and their minds become like a ‘Grasshopper’.